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WomenWork focuses on connecting women in various professions & trades, with a special guest speaker to discuss their particular journey. We encourage social responsibility, sharing knowledge & experience for a better future, and the importance of any employment, whether paid or volunteer. The small entrance fee goes directly to our charity drive, helping the girls of today grow to be the women of tomorrow.

Since the launch of our event in May 2018, attendees have helped raise R$1.100 to sponsor two girls - Ana Carolina & Geovana - at the 2018 Angel Party. If you’d like to find out more about this charitable event or any of the other charitable organizations the American Society of São Paulo supports, visit amsoc.com.br/how-to-help.

Want to make a difference? Share your journey with us.



Speakers from past events…


November 2018

The Women of Merit speaker for September were Fernanda and Taciana, from Girls on the Road (www.thegirlsontheroad.com).

A few years ago, Fernanda and Taciana asked themselves how they could help make a difference in the gender equality movement. Instead of continuing only as observers, they decided to actively participate in empowering women. They wanted to find a way to use their experience, knowledge, and network to build something that could positively impact other women, as well as men. From July 2016 to October 2017, Fernanda and Taciana traveled the world, collecting stories and inspiration from women entrepreneurs that struggled, persevered, and succeeded in spite of all obstacles. As they actively reached out to women in various careers from all corners of the globe, they found one commonality: a lack of role models to inspire women to take that first step. 'The Girls on the Road' was created to tell these working women’s stories and share their experiences; to learn from women of all ages, and gain inspiration through their examples, stories, dreams, and accomplishments; to remind us everyday that the most important piece of our wardrobe is our confidence.


September 2018

The Women of Merit speaker for September was Lucy Nunes, Superintendent of Chapel School.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, and raised in Southern California, Lucy holds both US and Brazilian citizenship, speaks three languages, and has a diverse cultural background. As Superintendent of Chapel School, Lucy is enjoying her 29th year of a dynamic career in education. She is an impassioned child advocate and is dedicated to promoting excellence in education that fosters a culture of kindness, social activism, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. As an active member of various regional and international organizations for the betterment of education, Lucy also serves on the board of the American Society of São Paulo and volunteers at the Clube dos Vira Latas dog shelter.


July 2018

The Women of Merit speaker for July was Binka Le Breton, NGO President of Iracambi (en.iracambi.com).

Binka co-directs the Iracambi Research Center, writes, and lectures internationally on environmental and human rights. She is also a visiting educator on Peace Boat. Binka speaks five languages and is tackling her sixth: Japanese. She also researches and writes, and has six books published in five languages. Currently she is working as a producer on a feature film based on one of her books.


May 2018

Women of Merit speakers for May was Jaime Chamberlain, from Só.Snacks (www.sosnacks.com.br).

A few years ago, Jaime and Jessy became new mothers in their new home city of São Paulo. As their children grew, they looked around at the snack options available to give to their little ones, and found the market lacking in the quality of healthy options. Since they could not find anything to suit their needs, they decided to start their own healthy snack food company, Só.Snacks. Their mission at Só.Snacks is to assist parents and their children in forming healthy eating habits though natural, nutritious, and practical foods that can be taken anywhere. Founded in 2016, their product can now be found in more than 50 locations across the city of São Paulo, including Eataly and Mundo Verde.