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Charity Work


Community Action Committee


Who We Are 

The  AmSoc Community Action Committee (CAC) was formed to help give back to the community. The CAC is comprised of members who want to make a difference and build a brighter future for those in need, focusing specifically on the children of São Paulo. The CAC works with 9 local organizations comprised of orphanages, group homes, and community and education centers. These organizations provide housing, specialized medical and psychological care, education, professional training, love and support to at risk children from some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. 

What We Do

The CAC supports our selected organizations through multiple channels:

  • Financially- through sponsorship, donations, and fundraising efforts

  • Socially- though social engagement and recreational activities

  • Manually- through cleaning and facility improvement projects

  • Educationally- through tutoring and enrichment programs

The goal is that community support and assistance enables these organizations to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children at-risk. This, in turn, provides a solid foundation for these children to build a successful future.



Events and Community Outreach 

Events and social engagement provide children with unique and enjoyable social experiences to enrich their lives and connects them with the community, which broadens their social experiences, social maturity, and community network. Perhaps most importantly, the goal of these experiences is to bring joy into their lives.  Another fortunate outgrowth of these events is the benefit gained by those who volunteer to help. In some ways, they are equally impacted by the time shared with these amazing children. 


While the majority of our volunteering is for AmSoc members, there are some events that are open to the community at large.

  • Come work at our events (details above)

  • Coordinate comportate work days

  • Commit to a reoccurring volunteer position at one of our organizations


There are MANY ways you can make a meaningful impact on our Supported Charities.

  • Contribute financially though a direct donation or via the AmSoc Helping Hands Membership

  • Donate unwanted items such as furniture, electronics, clothing, toiletries, and/or nonperishable food items.

Contact charity@amsoc.com.br to get involved! 

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