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Campinas Blog

Campinas Chapter Update

Jennifer Carrere

Bridging Campinas and São Paulo, the Campinas Chapter of AmSoc offers members a wide array of specialized events, targeted programs, and valuable resources.

Our first year was a busy one! Starting the year with a bang the Campinas chapter Amsoc or CAmSoc as we have come to be known organized what we expect to become an annual signature event, A St Patrick’s Day evening. We also organized a very successful Let’s Connect event with the Brazilian Minister of Planning who flew down to Campinas to meet our charity and talk to over 150 regional top executives and entrepreneurs about his vision for Brazil.


Partnering with Escola Americana de Campinas (EAC) our chapter’s founder was instrumental in setting up the first “Jogando Juntos” Sports camp which was run by IB students for underprivileged kids from Grupo Primavera who are supported in part as AmSoc’s chosen charity for Campinas. 

The second semester kicked off with a wonderful Feijoada on a working historical Farm where and continued with special events through to the end of the year


For, 2018, in addition annualizing our most successful events CAmSoc is partnering with EAC to aid in targeted community outreach programs.


CAmSoc is everything you love about AmSoc and more. New faces, new events, new programs, and new purpose! Campinas is a pleasant one hour drive from São Paulo and remember that All AmSoc members have access to all events including Campinas events.

Our partnership with EAC helps facilitate an instant support network for all newly arrived EAC families by providing a calendar of social events, new initiatives for families to participate in safe and rewarding Community Outreach programs with the objective of growing the whole AmSoc family.

CAmSoc is special in that our expat community is quite small and therefore members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities. This creates a wonderful melting pot of goodwill which is committed to building bridges within the community and offering ever better programs and events for our members.


Campinas Staff

Chapter Leader - Malcolm Macdonald / campinas@amsoc.com.br

Marketing & Communications - Jennifer Licko Carrere/ communications@amsoc.com.br

Community Action - Ariene Fonseca / cac.campinas@amsoc.com.br

Events - Manuela Moreno / events.campinas@amsoc.com.br