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Campinas Blog

Let’s Connect Campinas

Jennifer Carrere

Industry leaders, business executives, and government officials proudly welcomed His Excellency Brazilian Minister Dyogo Henrique Oliveira to Campinas at the premiere Let’s Connect Campinas. Hosted at the beautiful Hotel Vitória, the Minister of Planning, Development, and Management presented a detailed and confident forecast of Brazil’s dynamic economy. Minister Oliveira also participated in a stimulating 1-hour Q & A segment that was expertly moderated by Daniel Flynn, Brazil Bureau Chief of Reuters News. The evening seamlessly connected policy drivers, financiers, technologists, agribusiness, petroleum, and medicine.


Prior to Let’s Connect Campinas, Minister Oliveira visited Grupo Primavera where he spoke with Grupo’s PACTO* students. He offered a personal account of his own academic and professional pursuits, lending inspirational and visionary words to the students. Minister Oliveira answered all of the students’ questions, by personally relating to the challenges and struggles of the young audience.

*PACTO is college preparatory program for 13-16 year olds.

Special mention of our distinguished guests:

  • Cleiton Aráujo, Chief of Staff, Brazilian Ministry of Planning, Development, and Management
  • Grant Earnest, Vice Consul of Economic Affairs, U.S. Consulate
  • André Von Zuben, Secretary of Economic and Social Development and Tourism, Campinas City Government
  • Sofia Bolsonaro, Board Member, Grupo Primavera
  • Daniel Flynn, Brazil Bureau Chief, Reuters News